Think it’s impossible to get him to pursue you?

approaching any manThere is really nothing wrong for a women to approach a man. Although it might be difficult for us to understand, a woman’s best shot at catching and keeping a man’s attention is to play hard to get. Would you like to know a few hints to get your guy to chase you? Would you like it if he could not stop thinking about you? Become irresistible to men.


Quick way to make men pursue You

start & keep conversation going How do you make men pursue you? Do you know how to get any guy to pursue you relentlessly? Are you tired to putting tons of effort into getting a relationship started while the guy sits back and watches? Top secrets to make men pursue you


Approaching men: Get any guy to pursue you with 7 simple strategies

attract menYou can learn to be confident enough to approach any man. It is no longer a taboo for a woman to approach men. Men love games of all kinds, and this includes hard to get. By creating a challenge for your man you will engage his male instincts and keep him interested. Once he’s interested you will be able to get his attention and later his affection. Guidelines women used to attract


Flirting and Courting Men

Difficult to express yourself Difficult to express yourself

How to flatter a man? How to flatter a man?

Body language and interest Body language and interest

Signs of long-term relationship Signs of long-term relationship

Difficult to express yourself

Approach men in a relaxed and smooth manner    I’ve met an interesting new man at my workplace. We’ve been having quite distant connection.

Attracted to a man who’s going out with a friend of mine    Flaking out on a guy who you’ve only seen once is fairly common. Give it a few days, find something you are going to be doing anyway, and give her one more …

Dating advice for women: signs of male attraction    I started to develop crush on a man. He knows I have my share of guys asking me out at work and outside of work so I just don’t know why a guy wouldn’t want to …

Different ways to start conversation with boyfriend    There’s a guy who gives me a classic case of mixed signals. Sometimes it feels like he’s into…and then sometime it doesn’t.

How to flatter a man?

Approaching a man: open him up if he seems shy    From what I’ve seen, this guy and me have a lot in common and I think we would end up becoming very close friends.

Flirt casually with men you are interested in    If a man is flirting with other females right in front of you and you know them, you could just walk right over and join in!

Flirting tips for women: how to keep a conversation going with a guy?    Something I have noticed lately from men is that they will look me in the eyes and I will look back and we will both smile.

Getting over lost love: is he making love to another woman    Many people fall into traps like this easily as, “maybe it’s time to settle down” thing. The better question for this is, “what do I want in a …

Body language and interest

Add some spice in the relationship if it’s to last    I got attracted to a man. I always put complements his way. However, I never get them back.

Confident and relaxed woman: communicating with a man    You should not be so hard on yourself about projecting the perfect image when conversing with guys.

Don’t just wait for men to come over and initiate conversation    I was attracted to a man at work. I was thinking it would be nice if I get him hooked first.

Great ideas on how to ask a man on a date    Acquaintances with guys would lead to either meeting someone who is interested in you or one of those casual friendships hooking you up with someone who may be …

Signs of long-term relationship

Conversation openers: how to start conversation with a man?    I’ve got attracted to a guy at work. It’s not even asking out, just coffee, lunch. So how do I proceed on with this man?

Man will make his feelings known if he was interested    My boss is on my mind all the time, which I find annoying and distracting. I do feel however that I must find out way to stop this obsession.

Relationship conversation topics: how to start a conversation with a man you like?    Do you think flirting outside your relationship could really ruin it? What about flirting and having the relationship in the same time?

Tips to approaching men: learn to relax and act spontaneously    I think I got attention from a man at my workplace, because when I was talking with other guys I’d see him looking at me.

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