Think it’s impossible to get him to pursue you?

approaching any manThere is really nothing wrong for a women to approach a man. Although it might be difficult for us to understand, a woman’s best shot at catching and keeping a man’s attention is to play hard to get. Would you like to know a few hints to get your guy to chase you? Would you like it if he could not stop thinking about you? Become irresistible to men.


Quick way to make men pursue You

start & keep conversation going How do you make men pursue you? Do you know how to get any guy to pursue you relentlessly? Are you tired to putting tons of effort into getting a relationship started while the guy sits back and watches? Top secrets to make men pursue you


Approaching men: Get any guy to pursue you with 7 simple strategies

attract menYou can learn to be confident enough to approach any man. It is no longer a taboo for a woman to approach men. Men love games of all kinds, and this includes hard to get. By creating a challenge for your man you will engage his male instincts and keep him interested. Once he’s interested you will be able to get his attention and later his affection. Guidelines women used to attract


Keep a Conversation Going

Keep a conversation interesting Keep a conversation interesting

Conversation openers Conversation openers

Relationship conversation topics Relationship conversation topics

Relationships reassurance Relationships reassurance

Keep a conversation interesting

Can one be in a relationship that started as a friendship?    A man insisted that we could go out, but that it would be just friendly contact and no romance, because he wasn’t ready for the stress of a relationship at …

How to ask a man on a date without appearing too pushy for commitment?    I don’t want to appear like I’m pressuring a man into a relationship by asking him if he wants to hang out.

How to give hints to a man that you like him?    To me “eye contact” is a prerequisite. Without it you have no chance of flirting whatsoever, with it you at least have the possibility of exchanging …

How to start a interesting conversation with men?    There is a man I got attracted to. We are friends, and often spend time together, most often in the company of other mutual friends.

Conversation openers

A man doesn’t like me as a romantic partner rather as a friend    Being close friends with a guy particularly when one or both of you are free and available is one of the most complex and difficult things that you can manage …

A man is looking for someone who has an edgier sexual life    Thru conversing with a man I am attracted to I think he sees me as being too wimpy / insecure and is looking for someone who has an edgier sexual life.

Dating a handsome man off and on: first date ideas    I’ve been dating a handsome man off and on for 2 years. It is now off and he says he is seeing someone and is happy without me.

How do I tell if a guy is attracted to me?    For quite a while now I have been talking to this one guy on the Internet. Honestly he is one of the nicest guys I have ever met.

Relationship conversation topics

How do you express your feelings for a man?    A man told me that he had a past relationship that was really troubled which I interpret as I need to put in more effort to win him over.

How to bring relationship themes for conversation with men?    If I manage to have another conversation with a man, it’s going to be trickier to come up with things to talk about.

How to show interest in a conversation with a man?    If we are at parties and I don’t go up and talk to a man (not being rude, just not seeking him out) after a while he bowls up to me.

Reading attraction signals: how do you know a man is interested?    I got attracted to a colleague at work. I could try to pursue a friendship with him, but I am not even sure that he wants this.

Relationships reassurance

Being playful with men: tips to spring a friendship    If a man is loud – boisterous, he’s actually trying to catch your attention! When he walks near you like he’s trying to get you to notice him.

How to contact a man after he’s ignored you?    Went out with a guy who invited me to a party. He told me to call him to get the details and I did. He never called back.

Keeping relationships: honesty understanding and communication    You do not want to be burned out on dramatic relationships by the time you are in your late 30’s.

Men’s nonverbal body language: how to chat a guy up?    When in comes to attracting men, it’s usually hard to understand why some women get a many of male followers, while other hardy even get noticed.

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