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We now offer smaller business, and other related websites doing work that fits into our site’s themes, to reach thousands of highly targeted visitors buyers and decision-makers.

You are probably aware that major Ad agencies won’t even consider your ads unless you are spending a minimum of $5,000 – $10,000 per month. We are doing our best to make advertising on attractive and cost effective for lower Ad budget websites starting from 30 USD. Few ad agencies can target your ads to the particular audience. We attract very targeted audience interested in online and offline mating and relationship solving services.

Demographics and Content’s target market are males and females ages from 21-50 + that are searching for a relationships dating or singles related information advice and services on the internet, or looking to find single soul mates. It is oriented towards the mating, and finding friends or relationship online.

We will be rigorous regarding the quality and content of ads and sites advertised. We will only accept sites that will be likely to succeed by advertising with us. If you offer services and/or products related to singles, online dating, relationships issues, matchmaking, gender related issues then this is an ideal venue. We are aware that well targeting visitors is of a critical importance to ad campaign success.

Advertising Rates CPM (pay for thousand impressions)

We are charging on a CPM model: you pay for a certain number of banner displays (impressions), regardless of whether anyone clicks to visit you. We have sufficient inventory to support only limited number of advertisers.

CPM Advertising Rates
(RUN OFF SITE TRAFFIC – Visitors from all countries unfiltered)

CPM ( thousand impressions) price:


Ad place Cost
Banner 468 x 60 px $ 1.4 CPM
( thousand impressions)
Leaderboard 728 x 90 px $ 1.5 CPM
( thousand impressions)
Skyscraper 120 x 600 px $ 1.5 CPM
( thousand impressions)
Wide skyscraper 160 x 600 px $ 1.5 CPM
( thousand impressions)



USA 50%
Canada, Australia 10%
England 8%
Rest of Europe 10%
Rest of World up to 25%


Payment must be made in advance by Credit Card and is processed by You may decide on how much you want to spend at once starting from minimum purchase of 50,000 Ad displays .

Payment should be made in full BEFORE the start of any advertising program.

Frequency Capping

Frequency capping means limiting number of impressions of an ad to one visitor at some time.
At 2 USD per thousand banner impressions ( regardless of ad size) I can offer 5 AD impressions per day for one unique visitor, which means one visitor will not see your ad more that 5 times a day regardless how many pages he visits.
That means you get most of unique visitor AD views for spent Ad dollars.
The minimum initial advertising order is 50 000 ad impressions.

This is excellent for an advertiser as you get most unique visitors / although over longer time / for money invested.

What are Ad sizes and formats?

Banners can be static or animated, under 20 kB size, sized 468×60 pixels. Banner ads and appear randomly on all web pages throughout the website.

Your banner joins the rotating banner program and is displayed on internal pages throughout the website.

Ad samples and sizes:

Banner 468×60 pixels / on top of pages

datingfast banner

Leaderboard 728 x 90 pixels / on top of pages


Skyscraper 120 x 600 pixels / onleft sidebar

and Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600 pixels / onleft sidebar



We can enable geotagetting to your ads, which means they will be displayed only to visitors from specific countries, based on looking up on their IP address.

For example you may choose to display ads only to visitors from USA, Canada and UK, or whatever countries you choose.

The price for geotargetting ads is regular AD cost + 50% which is currently 4.50 USD for thousand AD impressions.

VISITORS Country Distribution:


USA 50%
Canada, Australia 10%
England 8%
Rest of Europe 10%
Rest of World up to 25%

Each zone generates approximately 1/3 of website traffic. So as you narrow your target group the campaign will take longer to complete.

Report on AD performance

You can watch online reports on your advertising campaign on Datingfast advertisers panel. In addition, each advertiser is given a link to Banners Reporting Panel so they can view, via a web browser, real-time statistics on the number of their ads served, along with click-through rates.

Advertisers Report on ad performance

  • Statistics on a daily, weekly, and monthy performance of Ads
  • Number of clicks across different ads
  • Click through and impressions ratio for ads
  • Number of displayed and remaining Ad-impressions in CAMPAIGN
  • Detailed statisctic about each AD performance
  • Opportunity to change importance (number of impressions for particular ads)

Which ads are not permitted?

Ads that promote adult websites, nudity or pornography are not allowed! Banners and any other advertising materials. are subject to approval. In no situations will obscenity, profanity, etc, etc, be accepted.

Contact Us – Advertisers Form

This is a small scale endeavor so we will work with you personally via email. If you are ready to reserve advertising, please e-mail us in order to determine if the space you want is available.

If the space you want is available, we will reserve the space and then e-mail you an invoice.

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