Relationships Guides: Puzzles and Answers

dating seduction flirting and courting womenWomen’s Guide to Power Words – How to Start and Keep The Conversation Going?

by: Chris Tannoy
Approaching the person you are attracted to come as a most difficult step in your way to searching for partners. Whenever you’re faced with a dilemma; focus on the solution rather than on the difficulty. Think and talk about the ideal solution to the obstacle…

dating advice for womenWomen’s Guide To Approaching Men – The Path Of Least Resistance

by: Chris Tannoy

What to talk about on the early stage of a relationship? You start in small steps. Make small talk. Can’t get shot down for an approach when you’re not approaching. The positive mental approach will allow you to express your inner joyful and creative self while you are on this date…

relationships tips for womenWomen’s Guide to Conversation: Proven Techniques for Deepening Communication

by: Chris Tannoy
Do you have hard time when you have to initiate conversation with a complete stranger? Asking someone out is typically hard move for many people. Everyone, no matter how old or good looking, fears rejection. Asking someone out, or just starting a casual conversation, takes a bit of courage.